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Welcome to the MilkyNadway!
MilkyNadway it's a fairytale! And i am a Queen of the kingdom in MilkyNadway. You can go to anywhere, you can be everything you want, and dont worry about time, and pain, and the sadness, the sorrow, you will not found it here.
So have fun, and enjoyed!

-arigatou \(^O^)/ sayounara
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Mei 07, 2013

Who I Am? Let's Found out!

Name                     :   Nadya Mega Permata
Nickname             :   Nadya, Namega
A,S,L                      :   18y/o, Female, Jakarta
Nationality           :   Indonesia
Religion                     :   Islam
Date of birth        :   17 August 1994
Status                    :   Single
Height, Weight    :   167cm, 46kg
Hobby                    :   Drawing, Singing, Reading, Gamming, Eating, Watching at Cinema.
Interest in             :   Music, Modeling, Actrist, Designer, Gothic Fashion, WHO, 
                                             Humanitarian aid, PEPFARUNAIDS
Skill's                     :   Painting, drawing, Desain Grafis, Singing
I Like                           :  Chocolate, Flower (Love Tulip), Romantic card, Romantic Texting,
                                             all of Food (I Love it), Hanging out to Beach, or Romantic place, I 
                                             like everything who can make my heart is beating up, fastly, and 
                                             extreme, a man who treat me's fantastic.
Quote                          : Forever Young, I Love my self, and YOLO!
Graduated from  :
  • 1999-2001 TK Islam Asyaafiiyah
  • 2001-2006 SD Islam Asyaafiiyah
  • 2006-2009 SMP Putra 1 Jakarta
  • 2009-2012 SMAN 7 Jakarta (Sevenist 0'12)
Work                      :  PT. Arah Gaya Perkaza (ARGAZA) to be an Accounting
Work                      :  Actress, Modeling
Fans of                   :  ♥Rpatz, ♥Kristew, ♥Tay, ♥VidiAldiano, and ♥AriefPocong also
My First Love        :   Alm Brian Akbar Pratama RIP: 12-4-2004 Anv: *lupa*
                                             Alm Pray Vianto Ramadhan RIP: 26-4-2013 Anv: 17-5-2010

Punya keingingan terpendam ingin kuliah di Harvard University, akan tetapi dihadapkan dengan dunia nyata untuk kuliah di Padjajaran University, dan lagi-lagi mesti dihadapkan oleh dunia nyata agar kuliah tahun depan (2013/2014-red) #Ngenes
I♥ ALLAH, then my mom, my mom, my dad, my bro, and my lil twinsist
☺ I like TarquoiseBlack, and Pink

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